Add More Features To Your Site With These Plugins Exclusive To The TMS Community.

The Base TMS Software is free And Our Plugin Prices range from $47 to $197 depending on the complexity of the plugin

Tweet Like Magic

Add Tweet and Like buttons to your sales pages, members area, and other templates. Reward your members With upgrades, and more.

Use the tweet effect to give discounts and get free advertising from all your paying customers...EG offer a 20% discount on normal price if they tweet or like you on facebook... Making more sales and getting your members to promote you on facebook and twitter for free

GeniuXs- The God Mod

Not Enough Members Logging in To See Your Offers?

GeniuXs can check to see if activity is down, and if it is, GeniuXs will boost your login rates automatically and send out an e-mail to your members.

Having A Slow Sales Month?

GeniuXs can automatically start a 48-hour 2-for-1 sale on your credit packages, and e-mail your members about it.

The sale will end automatically, so you won't have to do a thing.

Want To Promote A New Product Launch?
GeniuXs will automatically send it out to your members at the date and time you choose.

These are just examples of the many things GeniuXs is capable of. You have complete control over when GeniuXs starts a promo, and what type of promos you want it to run.

One Click Signup Button-
Allows you to create signup buttons that can be added to other TMS sites, so their members can join your site with a single click.

Create a special offer or even a membership level just for members of that site. Perfect for partnering and running cross promotions with other sites.

PLUS... integrates with GeniuXs so you can set up a squeeze page just like any other AR service...You can even add these forms to the affiliate area so your members can add your subscribe forms to their blogs

Because Robert is the marketer in the team, this is one of the first plugins he insists are installed...The other ones he stamps his feet about are the profit tracker, and the geniuXs plugin

IPN Bonus Plugin
Allows you to setup cross promotions with other sites that have this plugin, so you can offer bonuses for making a purchase.

This allowed us for instance to create a $97 a month subscription that gave members products and services spread out over 11 other membership sites that we own.

It also allowed us to offer our JV partners products as bonus items, that's huge when your trying to launch a new site and are looking for partners

These Are Just A Sample of the Available plugins For TBMS

Profit Tracker

Automatically tracks your sales and signups from different sites and promos.

Our Profit tracker is one of the most powerful plugins that we offer...Not only does it track your results it also tracks all your members results.

Track every single tool in your affiliate toolbox for top traffic sources and find out which of your affiliate tools are converting...

Pro Downline Builder

Turn Your Site Into A Downline Building Powerhouse For Both You And Your Customers...

Sometimes a Downline builder can get big and messy with all the programs you would like to add to it. This makes it look disorganised and unattractive to your members.

By categorising all your programs into tidy sections you make it much more inviting for your members to join programs within your downline builder.

Let your affiliates use your site as their team building command centre...While they sell your product in the process
As the site owner, add any programs you wish to promote to your downline builder and categorise them any way you chose
Give members the option to add their own programs to be shown exclusively to their own downlines.
A powerful technique to sell affiliate programs and Clickbank or JV zoo products

Content Rotation System
Add your sponsor ads to the login page and content pages of your site... This will neatly rotate your ads and messages any where on the site you add the special Javascript code
Quickly create new offers on your login page.
Quickly create a special bonus page in your members area.
Automate PS or add rotated content to all your emails and site pages. even works on 3rd party sites using simple java code
You can even use it to rotate special offers on your login offers and oto pages

PDF Rebrander
Turn Your Content Into An Affiliate Marketing Machine For You And Your Members

Automatically integrates with the downline builder allowing your members to replace the links in your PDF books with their own
Sell rebranding rights to your content as an upsell or part of an upgraded membership plan
Give members the opportunity to download and distribute their rebranded PDFs. This is a perfect way for your content to go viral


These Are Just A Sample of the Available plugins For TBMS

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