License Terms

AKHMedia group licenses the LFM (or TMB), LFMTE, and LFMVM script. LFM may be used in the following terms and covers the LFM (or TMB), LFMTE, and LFMVM scripts.

AKHMedia group owns copyrights the LFM script. A single use license is sold that allows the purchaser a single us of the script on a single domain. Additional licenses may be purchased for additional domains. At no time may the script or any part of it's contents be sold or given to another party without prior approval from AKHMedia Group.

AKHMedia group sells plugin licenses which are owned and copyrighted by AKHMedia Group. At no time may the plugins be sold or given away without prior approval from AKHMedia Group.

These terms may be updated without notice by AKHMedia group.

License Transfers

AKHMedia group must approve any license transfers. There may be a nominal $25 per license transfer fee. There may be an additional charge for plugin transfers.

Plugins installed on the domain to be transferred may not be transferred without prior approval by AKHMedia group. Plugins are licensed to an individual account.

If the transfer is to another account and the other account has not purchased the plugins, the plugins will need to be purchased for that account.

If the plugins are to be transferred to the other account, the account where the transfer is made from will need to purchase the plugins again in order to use them on any existing or future sites within this account.

LFM Membership Accounts

An LFM Membership account is for your sole use only. Sole use is defined as an individual or a partnership. At no time may you use a single account for both individual and partnership licenses. A separate account must be obtained for each partnership.

An example where different LFM Membership accounts are required would be one for sites you solely own, another account for a partnership with person A, and another account with a partnership with person B.

You are solely responsible for your LFM Membership account login details. If you provide the login details to another individual and the individual takes over the account, AKHMedia group will not be responsible or liable for such actions.

LFM Plugins

Currently, LFM allows plugins to be installed on any domain within your LFM account. At no time may these plugins be copied, shared, or used on a domain not within your account. The plugins are only for your sole use or the sole use of the LFM Membership Account in case of a partnership.

At no time may you purchase the plugin and use it on other domains outside of the LFM Account that it was purchased in. Plugins may not be installed on a combination of individual ownership and partnership sites from one LFM account.

Plugins are not transferrable to another account except in the case of a license transfer. Plugins may not be split up or a partial list of plugins transferred from one account to another.

Any deviation, without prior approval from AKHMedia group, is a licence violation and a copyright violation and steps will be taken to protect AKHMedia group from losses occurred for such actions.


AKHMedia group currently provides updates to the script and its plugins free of charge but reserves the right to charge a maintenance fee for future updates.


AKHMedia group fully supports its scripts plugins and the operation of them.

AKHMedia group does not support the script if the server the site resides on does not meet the server requirements of the script nor does it support the effects caused by modifications made to the script by individuals or 3rd party products.

This may include updates to the script or installation/updates of plugins provided by AKHMedia group.

A minimal fee of $25 will be charged if the client requests support and the issue is found to be caused by a server that does not meet the individual requirements or if found to be caused by individual modifications or 3rd party plugins. The charge will be incurred whether a fix is provided or not for such problems.

Failure to pay the $25 charge incurred due to a problem caused by the hosting, 3rd party plugins, or other unsupported modifications to the script, may result in the license being suspended until such fee is paid. The fee may be due to AKHMedia group or directly to the support person handling the issue depending on the situation.

Support questions regarding html and php, such as how to fix a page you modified or doesn't look right, php questions on how to do a certain task, are outside the scope of AKHMedia group. Such support requests may incur a charge and may be better suited for a designer or programmer.

Support tickets are generally replied to within 24 hours during week days between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Replies may take longer on major holidays and weekends.

Do not open more than one ticket regarding the same issue.

Do not reply to emails from the support desk, log in and reply to the tickets.

Do not use one ticket for multiple unrelated problems, open a ticket for each issue as different support personal may handle the ticket.

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