For the last 10 years, Login Frequency Marketing (LFM) has been empowering home and small business owners to generate more profits, simply by giving their customers a reason to login.
But this revolution in the membership site business model didn't happen overnight...

Robert Puddy had decades of offline marketing experience before envisioning the LFM system

Robert entered the online marketplace in 1999, and quickly realised he needed a software platform that could be easily installed on his sites. The original LFM script was his first attempt

But he knew that he needed a developer with the imagination and the skill to make his dream of a simple to install and update software suite a reality, and make LFM the de facto choice for membership site-based businesses.

Josh Abbott, the leading producer of Traffic Exchange plugins, partnered with Robert in 2008

During this time, Josh has developed several state of the art Plugins, his most significant innovation was the advanced GeniuXs mailing system

Added together with LFM this made a powerful marketing software system And together they've released an improved version of LFM Now transformed into TMS (The Marketing Script)

There is also a traffic-exchange version (LFMTE) & a viral mailer version (LFMVM) all accompanied with a suite of plugins that enable business owners to customize their website and grow their profits in new and imaginative ways.

This continuously growing collection of plugins has become a key business strategy for Robert and Josh, and one that has benefited all 3 of the LFM platforms as well as the owners who use it.

Putting both the main product and its surrounding ecosystem under a single roof ensures complete compatibility and support between the two, and it also gives owners quick access to an expanding list of items they can add to their business sites to make them unique and stand out from the crowd.

Sunny Suggs was the next addition to the TMS team.

Known within the industry as the "LFM Queen" - thanks to her substantial knowledge of the system and her selfless desire to help others master it

she jumped at the chance to come onboard and manage the support system.

Sunny now runs a team of 5 support staff, and is now the company project manager, over seeing new products.

Chris Houg, a web hosting business owner,

Has been providing dedicated server space and support for the majority of the TMS sites for more than 10 years.

You'd be hard pressed to find another hosting business owner willing to personally jump in and provide technical support to TMS customers

But this is exactly what Chris has been doing, virtually from Day One.

While many home and small business systems are beginning to show their age, falling behind as the Internet evolves into mobile and social platforms, TMS continues to develop and move with the times.

Josh and Robert now believe that this strategy can be taken a step further... By including an entire app store of plugins directly inside the main product's Admin Panel.

This should bring in creative independent developers, like the ones who built the add-ons that formed the foundation of LFMTE, and launch the software into entirely new markets.

The successor to LFM is now in development, and Josh and Robert believe that they can take on platforms such as WordPress using the same strategy that they used to dominate the traffic exchange industry... by securing the ecosystem.

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TMS aims to be the natural choice for site business owners, not just today, but for many, many years to come.

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